Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Welcome to 6th Grade Science         


  • Topic 2

    Metric Measurement               

          metric measurement tools

    • Topic 3

      Chemistry (Introduction to Matter textbook)

      a water molecule

    • Topic 4

      Magnets and Motors (Electricity and Magnetism textbook and STC kit)

      home made motor

    • Topic 5

      FOSS Forces and Motion

       foss logomoving bike

    • Topic 6

      Family Life and Sexual Health

      F.L.A.S.H. is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum taught in Pullman in grades 3-8. In 6th grade, student will cover lessons in the 7-8 grade curriculum.

      • Topic 7

        From the Forces, Motion, and Energy textbook:

        Energy (Chapter 5) & Heat and Temperature (Chapter 6)

        a baseball's energy  heat transfer

      • Topic 8

        Sound and Light