The Atoms Family Song

Written by

Kathleen Crawford (1994)



They're tiny and they're teeny,
Much smaller than a beany,
They never can be seeny,
The Atoms Family.


They are so small.
They're round like a ball.
They make up the air.
They're everywhere.
Can't see them at all.


Together they make gases,
And liquids like molasses,
And all the solid masses,
The Atoms Family




Neutrons can be found,
Where protons hang around;
Electrons they surround
The Atoms Family


To get extra credit students must memorize the song and perform it in front of their class. They can rap, sing, say, or 'perform' in any style. Students can perform alone, with a partner, or in a group of three. The last day to earn extra credit for this will be Friday Nov. 9th 2012.

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